Richmond Row is the central north-south urban boulevard that runs through London’s downtown. A bustling commercial corridor and go-to destination for the latest trends, original retail, dining and nightlife options, Richmond Row is animated and iconic, providing plenty of entertainment options for everyone during the day, evening and night.

Richmond Map.png

Notable Neighbours & Destinations

1. The Grand Theatre

2. Prince Albert’s Diner

3. Joe Kool’s

4. Urban Outfitters

5. Bertoldi’s Trattoria

6. LifeStyles Women’s Wear

7. Victoria Park

Take a closer look at Richmond Row on Google Maps.

Ideal USES

  • Restaurants

  • Healthy Grab-and-Go and Juice Bars

  • Cafés, Confections, Tea and Coffee Shops

  • Conveniences

  • Themed Bars

  • Home and Lifestyle Retail

  • Entertainment


  • 175 unit high rise at 515 Richmond Street under construction.

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