Marriott's Armouries offers a unique hotel experience

Dave Bartlam was happy living and working at a family-owned hotel in Grand Bend, but given the opportunity to not only come home to London, but take his career to a new level presented itself, he knew a change had to be made.

January 2019 will mark two years since Dave took over as Director of Sales and Marketing at one of the city’s most iconic spaces, Delta Hotels by Marriott London Armouries.

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Downtown London’s Grant program establishes Burridge Block as downtown jewel

The Burridge Block, at Talbot and King streets, has been a London landmark since it was built in 1881, but its most recent history is a prime example of not what the downtown used to be, but what it is growing into.

The Cardoso family purchased the block in 2008 after Dani Cardoso had bought a restaurant in the building and the owners at the time had given him the right of first refusal should they want to sell the property.

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Erin JohannsonKing & Talbot
Location a major selling feature for London’s only Wine Bar

Back in 2012, Laura Del Maestro and Mario Jozic were mulling over the idea of opening a wine bar in London, but after pitching their plans to friends and family, the general consensus seemed to be this was a terrible idea.

Jump ahead a few years and that idea, which became London Wine Bar, is celebrating its third anniversary in the downtown even as a second location — launched last December in Wortley Village — begins to take hold.

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Erin JohannsonCarling Lane
Essential grant program inspires Salon Entrenous to put its best face forward

Lisa Sallabank and her staff at Salon Entrenous work hard to help people achieve just the outward appearance they’re looking for, but then one day she realized the same wasn’t to be said of the building they were working in.

With that revelation, and the support from Downtown London, Lisa was able to help give her business, located at 579 Richmond St., a look that matched the energy and excitement found inside its walls.

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Erin JohannsonRichmond Row